The Martian, Andy Weir


„Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive”. – Josephine Hart

A sudden sandstorm forces Ares 3 crew to leave the Red Planet unexpectedly. During the evacuation, the accident happens: a member of the crew – Mark Watney – is wounded and he disappears from the sight of his companions. A frantic search is futile and the danger of yet another sandstorm makes the crew go away. Convinced of Watney’s death, they move on and NASA reports that the mission is unsuccessful. However, nobody knows that Mark Watney is alive. And completely alone.

„What do you know? I’m in command”.

Mark is not a person who gives up easily. After covering the wounds and a little calculation, he realizes that he has a chance to survive. He goes to Habu – a place that is equipped with a life-supporting system – only to find out that he can only survive 31 days. Definitely too short to save a person hundreds of kilometers away from the Earth. What is the main drive for Watney is the excessive will to live. But is it enough to survive in a place forgotten even by God?

„But really, they did it because every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out. It might not seem that way sometimes, but it’s true”.

The creative process of the book was quite different from the publishers’ procedures. The author alone did not suspect that his book will achieve such a success. At first, the book was only some fragments uploaded on his blog. However, a thorough and meticulous approach towards life conditions on Mars has brought a lot of advocates and fans and after some time The Martian was published as an ebook. It was at that time did Weir create a real masterpiece – the book was a huge bestseller. In 2015 we will have the opportunity to see the adaptation of the book, starring Matt Damon known from the role in Good Will Hunting.

Author: Katarzyna Anita Piotrowska
Translation: Dorota Osińska